Jeremy Woodcock & Jeanette Campbell-Johnston

Cotswold Psychotherapy Practice
Jeremy Tel: 0777 768 0845
Jeanette Tel: 07519 128837

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Psychotherapy > Couples

Jeremy has worked with couples since the early 1990's and he enjoys this work immensely, and he has enabled very many couples to map new pathways through the territory of their relationships. Jeanette has also a deep interest and a great deal of experience in work with couples over the past fifteen years.

Jeremy leads and does most of our work with couples but we also reserve time to work with couples together offering you the opportunity for our deep shared appreciation of the dynamics of the couple relationship.

Tenderness, appreciation, love, conflict, hatred, despair, tiredness, disconnection, depression, disillusionment and misunderstanding are among the maelstrom of feelings, sensations and experiences that living together can throw up in us.

Couples will find a space where they can voice their struggles; time where you can be held in mind both together and separately: an opportunity to be jointly understood and supported to find ways of creatively moving forward.


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