Past Teaching Events Include

Hampshire, Surrey, Belfast, and West Country AFT in 2016 and 2017

An Integrated Systemic Approach to Trauma  
This experiential workshop will set out an array of approaches to working successfully with trauma: trauma as experienced in the body, and trauma as experienced in the mind and trauma as experienced in the family, captured through the lens of an understanding of attachment and child and adult development; it will include unconscious and psychoanalytic perspectives on the inner world; mindfulness, and felt presence, trauma and culture, modelled throughout with ideas of how best to enable survivors to navigate their own recovery, all integrated into a systemic perspective that can be translated into work with adults and children, and couples and families. 

Zen and Poetry
June 2016
Bristol Zen Centre are very happy to welcome Jeremy Ryokan Woodcock back for another day of “Zen and Poetry” at Oddfellows Hall.

For centuries haiku writers have expressed the most profound insights of zen,
the stillpoint of the turning world, the heart soft and open to all experience. This is another day of zen practice with Jeremy, an opportunity for zazen, listening to haiku and zen poetry and to sit with haiku as koan practice.

Renga is an exercise in communal haiku and poetry writing. There is the possibility of writing haiku individually and composing renga together, depending on the wishes of those present on the day.
The day is open to all levels of experience. All are welcome.

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July 2016
You are invited to join the Intersubjective Buddha, an occasional group that meets to sit and contemplate the borderlands between psychotherapy and Buddhism, led by Jeremy Woodcock, Sensei and Psychotherapist. On this occasion we will ponder attachment, now so much part of the therapeutic thinking and seemingly understood quite differently in Buddhism where we are often entreated to let go of attachments. How are we to understand these polarities and can we arrive at a deeper experience of attachment as psychotherapists through contemplative practice? 

Drugs, alcohol and the family: intervention skills for working with families. 
This practical course is designed to provide the skills for practitioners to convene family meetings and work with family dynamics; to enable harmful behaviour to be addressed in the context of families; to minimise harm to individuals by enlisting family support; to minimise the impact on families of the harmful effects of drug and alcohol misuse
Camden, London
Monday 17th January, 2011

Speak Your Mind
Interpreters and Therapists Working Together
This enjoyable training day will provide a practical introduction for interpreters and therapists on how to work together in a way that can really enhance psychological work.
Saturday 20th November 2010

Relate Institute
Family Counselling: Intergrating Systemic and Psychodynamic Approaches
Learning through a variety of pathways how systemic and psychodynamic approaches to work with families can be understood and put to practical use by counsellors.
Monday 8th November 2010