I have written on a a wide range of topics including, our relationship to home, on work with couples, on training psychotherapists in the use of themselves, on mentalization, on trauma, on groupwork, on children and adolescents, and of course on work with families. Many of my publications can be found by following the links below and some links will take you straight to copies of the articles. Older articles can also be found on the Medical Foundation website in their resources/publications pages. 

Publications include:

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Cultural Aspects of Feeding: some illustrations from Indian and other cultures. Co-written with Kedar Dwivedi. Chapter in,  Angela Southall and Clarissa Martin (2010) Feeding Problems in Children: A Practical Guide. Oxford: Radcliffe

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Mentali zation and affect regulation: a path to the heart? Context, 91: 2-4. 2007. Click on this link to find the article. 

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