About Jeremy Woodcock

I am qualified as a family and couple psychotherapist and have worked as a psychotherapist for over twenty five years and have been in private practice for the past twenty years, alongside other work. 

From 1981 I was a social worker working with children and families, and people with acute mental illness in London.

In the late 1980's I worked for two years as an asylum lawyer for  a United Nations funded Human Rights organisation in London. 

From 1990 – 2001 I was family therapist in a Human Rights organisation, the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture, where I set up the service for families, couples and young people and was Consultant Family Therapist and Head of the Groupwork Programme. Over the course of eleven years at the Medical foundation I worked with families, couples and individuals from every continent in the world.

My work at the Foundation also led me into consulting to teams in the NHS, with schools, with voluntary organisations, and working as an expert witness. In addition I consulted to a number of NGO's with staff working abroad in dangerous conditons, helping staff with the stress of their occupations and those who had been exposed to life threatening situations, and designing programmes to support and debrief staff on return from dangerous assignments. 
During that time I also taught at the Institute of Family Therapy, London and on other counselling and psychotherapy courses in London, as well as teaching about intercultural work and trauma at home and abroad. 

In 2001 I moved to the South West to become Director of the Family Therapy Training Programme at the University of Bristol. Whilst there I also worked at the Bridge Foundation in Bristol, which offers a psychoanalytic service to couples, families and young people as well as teaching psychoanalytic therapy. In addition I consulted to the Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling over the development of a service to refugees, to the Gloucestershire Counselling Service whilst they set up a counselling service for families as well as with numerous other counselling and psychotherapy organisations, including the NHS, substance misuse services, and the Church of England.

Since 2006 I have been entirely in practice at the Cotswold Psychotherapy Practice. As you will see from the rest of the website this has involved work as a psychotherapist, supervisor, consultant, teacher and trainer, writer and researcher.

I began by being absorbed by families, relationships and systemic family therapy; through work with trauma I became fascinated by the inner world, and unconscious processes; I used attachment theory which explains how early childhood relationships shape our internal representations of self and others to form a bridge between these approaches. Latterly I have discovered the richness of intersubjectivity, which has given words and descriptions to the” I and Thou” of the therapeutic relationship. 

Throughout all this time I have been fascinated by the richness of world cultures and beliefs, and the relational and ethical challenges of pluralism: often it is from another shore, from a 'third position', that we see ourselves most clearly.

More recently, over the past twenty years, I have also been deeply absorbed in a contemplative journey and have increasingly integrated its experience into my thinking and practice.