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Jeremy and Jeanette have worked as psychotherapists with trauma for over twenty five years. 

For eleven years it was Jeremy's full-time work. Jeanette continues to work at the frontline as lead psychotherapist in GARAS, which works with refugees who are survivors of human rights violations.

Over time they have worked with people who had experienced deep traumas of many kinds.

Both Jeremy and Jeanette have seen individuals, adults, children, couples and families and they ran therapeutic groups, and both continue this work.
Jeremy developed a profound understanding of our human responses to trauma, spoke at many conferences and taught and wrote about work with trauma. He has researched the effects trauma, and in particular the effect of trauma on frontline staff and psychotherapists, and its impact on organisations.

We see trauma work as an integral part of my psychotherapy practice, and integrate many approaches such as EMDR, relaxation, atttention to felt bodily experience, and mindfulness into work in a psychotherapy relationship, which may be brief or may involve longer term work.

Jeremy supervised other psychotherapists and consulted to other organisations such as the NHS and overseas aid organisations, and he continues to do this work. Jeanette also increasingly supervises and consults and trains.