Over the years Jeremy has worked with many organisations offering a creative way of working through dilemmas. Jeanette also works with organisations helping to develop creative working partnerships. Organisational consultation may involve helping you to take a ‘third position’ to enable you to look in on work relationships and processes that are troubling. It may involve working with you as a group, drawing out and understanding conflicts and finding ways to resolve them.

Consultation often involves offering ourselves as a creative partners who can think outside the box to bring solutions that may not occur to people within the organisation.

When working with organisations we think about ways to sustain the relationship, to enable you to develop and grow good working relationships through direct work with whole teams and organisations, and through training and also consultation to organisational leaders and key players.

Over the past twenty years we have worked with:

The Trauma Foundation South West - training and supervising therapists as it began its work and developed over the first five years.

1625 Independent People - training all the staff in the creation of a 'Psychologically Informed Environment' for homeless young people, and training staff in supervision and reflective practice. 

Krisoch Traumaenheten, Gothenburg - consulting to the specialist trauma psychotherapy team on the impact of trauma on themselves.

Medicins Sans Frontières - developing self-help and resilience strategies for staff working in traumatic situations and training staff in their deployment.

Save the Children Fund - developing resources for staff affected by trauma.

'Speak Your Mind' developing resources for therapists and interpreters working together.

Voices, Bath - empowering women who are survivors of domestic violence.